Mini-Saga-Wettbewerb in der 9b/ 3eII

Eine Mini-Saga ist eine Geschichte in exakt 50 Wörtern, mit einer überraschenden Wendung am Ende. Hier sind die Finalisten im Englisch-Unterricht der 9b/ 3e II von Herrn Anderson. 
Elise Teyang – The Meeting
All presidents of all countries were in this place during the biggest meeting of all time. The silence was impressive in the gigantic room. Trump was trying to watch what Kim Jong-Un did instead of Maccron, who was very concentrated, like Steinmeier. Mariano Rajoy Brey, the Spanish president finally said, “UNO!“
Josepha Zenou – The Deathbed
A grandmother on her deathbed tells her children how much she loved them and how much they made her long life happier. She says that they have been bringing a lot of very happy moments since their birth. She concludes, “And to think that I nearly did not adopt you!“
Marie Winninger – Dina’s Love
Once upon a time, a beautiful princess called Dina has been living in a castle since her earliest childhood. Her father wanted to marry her. A wonderful prince came to Dina. The princess fell in love with him. But the prince felt sorry for Dina because he loved her brother.
Solena Vellker – Don’t do it!
I knew I had to get it. At any cost. I have been waiting for so long to have this chance. Sweat ran down my spine as I stretched myself in a desperate attempt become bigger. When I finally touched it... “Don’t do it! I said no biscuits today!”
Eva Makinson-Gent – The Professor and the Wise Ferryman
A posh professor wanted to cross a river. He went to the ferryman and commanded him to start rowin ghis boat. During the ride, he insulted him. As they arrived, he asked how much it cost. The ferryman said one euro for each time he had been called an idiot.
Kevin Weinländer – Don’t do it!
I’ve been bullied since I got to the new school. I wanted to commit suicide. So when I jump from the window and die, no-one can bully me anymore. I don’t have a choice. So I jump. But I have forgotten that we live on the ground floor.
Alix Keller - The mother who wanted to teach her son a lesson 
A kid asked his mother, "Mom, why are some of your hairs turning grey?" The mother thought for a minute and answered, "Every bad action of yours will turn one of my hairs grey." The child replied innocently, "Now I understand why grandmother has only grey hairs on her head."
Marie Wininger - Christmas present 
Chris went shopping on a Saturday afternoon. It was two days before Christmas. He had to buy presents. He bought a bracelet for his mom and a bra for his girlfriend. On Christmas eve, Chris' mother opened her present and found the bra...

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