"Freak Show" for the 4e2 and 8b

GruppenbildOn Monday, May 8th, the 4e2 and 8b classes went to the cinema to see a film called "Freak Show" with their English teachers Ms Pink and Mr Laisney. To go there, we took two trams and walked a bit. We arrived at the cinema Kandelhof in Freiburg at 10:00, and there was a short film telling the story of two Brazilians. Then the main film started in original English version with German subtitles. 


The movie is about a person named Billy Bloom who has to move in with his father because his mother, whom he admires, cannot take care of him anymore. He starts at a new school where he gets bullied because he is different from the others: he wears different clothes and even make-up. He isn't scared and still wears his style until one day he gets beaten up at school and is in a coma for five days. His only friends are football star Flip and a shy girl named Mary Jane. They help him to recover and to fit in better at school by wearing normal clothes. But then, Billy decides to run for Homecoming Queen (not King), goes back to his original style and tries to prove that you don't have to be normal since all teenagers are freaks anyway...

Freak Show Poster

When the film ended, we took part in a discussion in which we could say what we thought about it. For example, the film team asked us some questions - if we stood up, it meant yes, and if we remained seated, it meant no. Then we left and all went back to school. 


by: Alexandra, Naemi, Lenia, Joseph and Ramy (4e2)

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